Politicians visit facilities housing immigrant children

Updated: Monday, June 23 2014, 10:25 PM CDT
Politicians visit facilities housing immigrant children story image
It's a deepening humanitarian crisis.  Tens of thousands of immigrant children found here in Texas without their parents after crossing the Mexican border.

Most are hungry, many need medical attention and some are victims of horrible acts of abuse.

Right now, they sit in federal shelters hoping for amnesty, but most likely face deportation back to their home countries.

Today, three of the biggest names in Texas politics got a first hand look at the problem, touring two facilities set-up to house the children.

Playing soccer behind barbed wire and metal fencing, these immigrant children housed at Joint Base San Antonio Lackland are the fortunate ones.

Monday, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott and Senator Ted Cruz toured a shelter.  Hearing from kids who say the drug cartels and gangs paid to smuggle them to the United States are physically and sexually abusing them along the way.

Tens of thousands of immigrant children are crossing illegally into Texas due to the president's decision in 2012 to stop deporting undocumented children found living in the U.S.

Governor Rick Perry got his own look at a separate shelter set up in the Rio Grande Valley.  His tour coming just four days after the Governor ordered more state law enforcement to the border to try and stop the smuggling of immigrant kids into Texas.

The so-called border surge will cost Texas more than a million dollars a week.

It's a tab Attorney General Abbott wants the Obama administration to pick up.

Senator Cruz believes most of these children should be deported, saying if they are given amnesty and allowed to stay, the number of immigrant children coming here illegally will nearly double in the next year or two.Politicians visit facilities housing immigrant children
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