Pippin at the Woodlawn Theater


iane Paulus’ new, circus-inspired production of Pippin features an acrobatic troupe of performers, led by the charismatic Leading Player. The ensemble cast tells the story of Pippin, a young prince who longs to find passion and adventure in his life. To prove his loyalty to his distracted father, King Charles, Pippin goes to war. But when the Leading Player convinces the prince to fight tyranny, Pippin kills Charles and takes over the throne. Realizing his mistake, Pippin begs the Leading Player to bring his father back to life, and she obliges. The prince falls in love with Catherine, a widow with a young son, and (much to the Leading Player’s chagrin), Pippin struggles to decide whether he should settle down and pursue a peaceful life or continue to make magic with the dazzling troupe of performers.


Leading Player – Gianna Rodriguez

Pippin – Trevor Chauvin

Charles – Michael Duggan

Fastrada – Amanda Golden

Lewis – Kevin Cox

Berthe – Rita Duggan

Catherine – Lauren Silva

Theo – TBD

The Players:

Ivan Ortega

Eric Garcia

Luis Garcia

Delvin James

Alyssa Lopez

Jennifer Moore

Lucas Poliak

Kate Ragan

Rene Sandoval

Kaitie Smith

Amanda Thompson

Rebekah Williams

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