Making a Difference: Mayor Ivy Taylor

(FOX San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO - Teaching kids about the hard lessons of the past can be very difficult.

That's why Mayor Ivy Taylor started a blog for other parents dealing with the same problem.

Our Darlene Dorsey has more on how she is using her own experiences to Make A Difference.

As Mayor Ivy Taylor has a lot of responsibility; some things she probably doesn't really like, but she chose to write a blog for San Antonio moms and she tackles some tough topics.

"Yes, I saw the blog as a great way to connect with San Antonioans, in a different way." she said.

Mayor Taylor started the blog in January and with Black History Month approaching, she wrote about race relations.

"I know sometimes people shy away from those issues, but I advise young people that is very important for them to be educated about the history of race relations in the Unites States..."

She said we can't hide this county's ugly past with slavery and segregation. The mayor found a way to approach the topic with her daughter. They have many honest discussions about peer pressure and bullying. She can share through her blog, and without sounding preachy, it's just advice like the Golden Rule.

".Treat others the way that you would wan to be treated. We could do with a lot more of that.."

The mayor would also like to see more minority children grow up to become business leaders. Her daughter and others are getting tips at a Jack and Jill group meeting - an organization to help kids learn to be the leaders of the future.

Morgan might be off to a good start. The 12-year-old - and some others - picked up a little cash for correctly answering questions. That might be a good incentive along with encouragement from adults, and that's definitely worth blogging about.

"If you surround yourself with people who have your best interest at heart, often they might see potential in you that you don't see in yourself. Certainly prepare yourself for those things that might come up so that you can do a great job once you have the opportunity.."

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