FBI warns not to panic about church threats during holiday


SAN ANTONIO-Terrorist group ISIS has identified a list of churches across the United States they said are targets for attacks over the Christmas holiday.

"They want us to act differently and be afraid," said Christopher Combs with the FBI. "And really the best defense against terrorism is not to be afraid."

Combs said these recent isis threats to churches are nothing new.

"They put out lists all the time," he said. "And many times those lists are like a phone book list of things in that category."

And those around San Fernando Cathedral this Friday seem to be on the same page.

"If I told you there'd be five muggings this week would you get off the street," said Dave Burger said you can't live your life in fear.

And tourist Catalina said she wouldn't let the threats change her plans either.

"You can not play with the fear, but you have to protect yourself at the same time," she said.

"Look around if you see something strange you need to call the authorities immediately," said Combs.

He added you can't let fear dictate your holiday, but that doesn't mean you should ignore signs or not call police if you see something strange.

And he said like Santa, law enforcement won't have the day off.

"The FBI is working everyday through the holiday, just like SAPD, the Sheriff's Office," he said. "We're out there we'll have people working 24-7 so everybody should be confident and doing their normal things."

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