Cibolo boy gets new, 3D-printed hand

A child from Cibolo born with an under-developed hand, just got a brand new one -- thanks to a San Antonio high school student who made it with a 3D printer for less than $50.

Zack Robbins, 6, is arm wrestling, high-fiving and picking up toys -- all things he had never been able to do with his right hand. "I came in and saw him playing with it," said Justin Cantu, the high school student who made the prosthetic. "And I was speechless."

Justin is a sophomore at The School of Science and Technology in San Antonio. It took him three days to print it in a 3D printer and two days to assemble it. It only took Zack about 30-seconds to fall in love with it. His parents are very pleased.

"He's learning how to use it already," said Lee Robbins, Zack's dad. His mother can't wait to see how the hand boosts her son's confidence.

"Just little every-day things like playing," said his mother, Jill Robbins. "I think it's going to be a game-changer."

The template for the hand was made by engineers with the Enabling the Future program, a group that designs prosthetic hands that can be made in 3D printers for less than $50. Justin says he hopes to make more. "It helped me realize I want go in the field and make people's life normal and have them not feel so out of place in the world."

The School of Science and Technology is excited about helping more people like Zack. For more information, visit School of Science and Technology or Enabling the Future.

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