Crystal City residents vote to remove indicted city leaders in recall election

Crystal City residents vote to remove indicted city leaders in recall election

CRYSTAL CITY, Texas -- The mood on Saturday was different in Crystal City.

Voters there had the chance to vote some of their city leaders who were indicted back in February out of office.

The people of crystal city are tired.

"We want to move forward everyone's ready," said Michele Ruiz, who has lived in Crystal City for 14 years.

They're tired of their city government being at a standstill after several city leaders were arrested by the FBI in early February.

"People make wrong decisions," said Paul Davalos, a lifetime resident of Crystal City.

Two city councilmembers and former mayor Ricardo Lopez are facing federal indictments along with charges of bribery and conspiracy.

The fallout left Crystal City with what some feel is an unflattering nickname.

"The most corrupt small town in the U.S.," said Frank Moreno.

This election day residents of Crystal City are seizing the opportunity to remove the embattled city leaders from office by voting in a recall election

"This election is really a very important election," said Ruiz.

"We're all anxious to see what's going to happen," said Davalos.

Frank Moreno and Robert Aldape are two of the candidates for mayor and were optimistic with early voter turnout.

"Today was very good this morning," said Moreno.

"That's the only way to change things is to come and vote," said Aldape. "Every vote counts."

Ricardo Lopez who shows up twice on the ballot, once under the recall election and as a candidate in the general election for mayor.

While the candidates may disagree on the course of how the city will move forward, they can all agree a change is necessary.

"We'll see what happens," said Ruiz.

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