Daughter overcomes obstacles to give special Mother's Day gift

Daughter overcomes obstacles to give special Mother's Day gift

SAN ANTONIO -- Flowers, chocolates, and a card are pretty standard on Mother's Day but one daughter gave a gift that tops them all.

There's a running joke in Nicole VanOver's family, even if it's at the expense of her mom Yolanda.

“Every holiday it's like, 'Is Yolanda okay?' because something is bound to happen," said VanOver.

About 13 years ago Yolanda Millan was diagnosed with diabetes.

“It was a slow progression," said Millan.

Nicole says the disease gradually began to take over her mom's life.

“She was just not full of energy,” said VanOver.

Doctors discovered why Yolanda was feeling this way.

“I had less than 15 percent function in my kidneys,” said Millan.

A few weeks later Nicole was tested and found out she was a match for a transplant.

But she had a few obstacles to overcome before she could donate.

“I had to be under a certain weight just to do this," said VanOver.

She lost 20 pounds.

Friends and family donated money to help cover bills and house payments so she could take time off of work to recover from the surgery.

But doctors found another obstacle.

“The cyst,” said VanOver. “It was on my ovary. They said it was the size of a baby's head."

The cyst was removed and Nicole finally donated one of her kidney's to her mother.

"I felt like I had been plugged into a charger or something,” said Millan. life just came within me.”

It's been a little more than a year since the transplant, a year with zero holiday hospital visits.

“Nicole's kidney is kicking butt,” joked VanOver.

“She says, ‘Mom, you gave me life when I was born. I'm just coming right back at you and giving it right back to you,’” said Millan.

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