DWI 'no refusal' period in place during Poteet Strawberry Festival

poteet festival.jpg

SAN ANTONIO - If you're heading down to the 70th Annual Poteet Strawberry Festival, law enforcement agencies will work to your family safe on the roads.

Agencies in Atascosa County say they will work with the Texas Department of Public Safety to put a DWI 'no refusal' period in place during the festival.

Mandatory blood draws will be done on anyone arrested on suspicion of DWI. Those who refuse will be subject to a warrant for a blood draw.

Poteet's population is expected to grow from about 3,000 to near 30,000 as visitors come to explore the area's signature event.

The no refusal period will run through Sunday.

To read more about the Poteet Strawberry Festival, click here.

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