Fiesta events, large and small, are parties with a purpose

Fiesta events, large and small, are parties with a purpose

SAN ANTONIO - Crack open those cascarones - we’ve got Fiesta fever!

San Antonio’s biggest party gets underway Thursday and is comprised of around 100 events all over town, raising money for organizations large and small.

Fiesta organizers issue this challenge: visit one event this year you’ve never been to before.

(Click here to view the full Fiesta calendar.)

We at Fox San Antonio are proud to sponsor Fiesta de los Reyes, a ten-day party at Market Square that raises money for scholarships through Rey Feo Consejo Educational Foundation.

It’s just one reason Fiesta is called a party with a purpose.

“Late at night when all the world is sleeping,” sings Isabel Marie as she belts Selena’s hit song “Dreaming of You” in a music studio on the city’s west side.

The 14-year-old is chasing her dream of being a star.

"When I'm on stage, it's like you're in a whole different world,” Isabel says.

That world is made possible by Network for Young Artists and its marquee of music lessons.

"It opens a kid's heart and their mind to the arts,” says the group’s president Robert Trevino. “The school systems, many of them, have done away with the arts."

The group’s event this Sunday, Deco District Arts and Music Festival, is more than a good time. It raises enough money to fund the group for an entire year.

"Basically, to keep our doors open,” Trevino says.

We asked Amy Shaw, the executive director of the Fiesta Commission, to name a few of her favorite parties with a purpose.

"That, to me, is the beauty of Fiesta,” Shaw says.

She recommends Fiesta Especial Celebration Day, a free day at the Fiesta Carnival for people living with disabilities.

"You just see nothing but joy on these faces,” Shaw says. "They can just run and come and have fun. They've got the place to themselves."

She also highlights the Praise Dance Celebration, which shares the African American heritage of worship.

And if you’re going to the King William Fair, she urges you to take a tour of Miss Margaret’s Victorian House.

"She had a lovely home,” Shaw says. “And if she could just show people her home, then they might see potential in King William and redoing some of those dilapidated houses. Well, the rest is history."

Whatever you choose, you’re supporting someone’s dream.

“Dreaming of you, endlessly” Isabel belts as she finishes the song she’ll perform at Sunday’s festival.


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