Hiker rushed to hospital after snakebite

Hiker rushed to hospital after snakebite

HELOTES -- A woman was rushed to the hospital after she thought she was bit by a rattlesnake.

The call came in about 10:30 Saturday morning from Government Canyon State Natural Area.

It covers more than 12,000 acres and park rangers say they found the woman a little more than a mile in on the Recharge Trail.

Once firefighters and park staff found the woman she couldn't tell what type of snake had bit her.

“So we weren't sure that it was a venomous snake,” said Chris Holm, superintendent at Government Canyon State Natural Area. “But we did treat it as such."

A little after 11, firefighters were able to take the woman to a hospital.

Holm says bites like this are very rare.

“This would actually be the second we've had since we've been open for 12 years now," said Holm.

Snakebites across the state are rare as well.

The Texas Department of State Health Services says on average only one or two people die from venomous snakebites.

As summer heats up and more people head for the outdoors, park staff are reminding everyone to come prepared

“The main thing is to have plenty of water,” said Holm.

They also say to wear cool clothing with long sleeves if possible.

"And protective boots cause if it's going to be a snake bite like that it's usually going to be on your lower extremities,” said Holm. “So if you have boots on it's usually not going to be a problem even if you are bit."

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