Homicide rate about the same as previous year

Homicide rate about the same as previous year

SAN ANTONIO -- There have been 29 homicides in San Antonio so far this year.

That is just one shy of the number of people killed in San Antonio at this time last year.

But police are noticing a curious trend about this year.

“What we've seen is that there's been there's clusters of a couple that'll happen with a course of a couple days,” said Sgt. Jesse Salame, public information officer with the San Antonio Police Department. “And then we'll go two weeks and not have anything."

A man was shot and killed after answering a knock at the door of a home on the city's south side last night.

“We've seen it all over town so it's not being concentrated in one particular area," said Salame.

This past weekend a man was killed in front of a home on Roxton Avenue near 1604 a little before 2:30 Sunday morning.

Just one day earlier one woman was killed and another was injured on Teasdale near Nacogdoches.

“Some of these things are spontaneous acts of violence some of these things are related to risky behavior," said Salame.

Just a week ago a woman was killed while answering her door on Sun Vista near Perrin Beitel, and a pregnant teen and her unborn child were murdered during an attempted suicide.

“We can't prevent or predict when these things are going to happen so we rely on neighbors, we rely on family members, we rely on people to give us information so we can hopefully prevent some of these things from happening," said Salame.

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