Houston Police Chief holds up his end of Spurs-Rockets bet in hilarious video

Houston Police Chief holds up his end of bet with Chief McManus in hilarious video

A bet is a bet.

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo held up his end of a deal with SAPD Chief William McManus, posting a video of himself wearing a throwback George Gervin Spurs jersey to the Houston Police Twitter account Friday afternoon.

The video comes after the Spurs dealt the Houston Rockets a devastating end to their season Thursday night.

SAPD said it made the deal with the Houston Police Department May 1 -- the terms and conditions were as follows:

SAPD challenges the Houston Police Department to a friendly bet. If our Spurs win the series, you have to post a picture of your Chief wearing Spurs gear. If your Rockets win, we will post a picture of our Chief wearing Rockets gear. #GoSpursGo

Acevedo told McManus he shouldn't get too excited because he's returning the jersey.

Acevedo also used the video as an opportunity to throw some humorous punches at McManus and the force, even calling for San Antonio officers to jump ship to Houston.

"If you want to come to a city where we have tons of college sports, NBA basketball, Major League Baseball and everything else including NFL football since you didn't get your little beloved Raiders -- womp womp," Acevedo said.


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