San Antonio broadcast icon Bob Guthrie dies

Former News 4 and WOAI radio news anchor Bob Guthrie died on Saturday of complications from surgery. (Courtesy:

SAN ANTONIO - Another San Antonio broadcast icon has left us.

Former News 4 and WOAI radio news anchor Bob Guthrie died on Saturday.

Guthrie died of complications from surgery.

This comes just four days after former San Antonio anchor Fred Lozano passed away.

Guthrie's booming voice was unmistakable, as he was one of the most recognized and respected news reporters and anchors in Texas in a career that spanned more than 50 years.

"You must have a real passion for news, what is it that you love so much? every morning when I go to work, it's different," he said during an interview back in 2006. "The stories are different."

He started working for Talk WOAI in 1956 while he was stationed at Fort Sam Houston. He also worked for News 4 San Antonio.

Listening to Bob tell a story was like listening to someone reading a history book. He's covered hurricanes and assassinations.

"I don't know if i cried, but i came close to it when Kennedy was assassinated."

And countless stories that helped shape San Antonio.

Aside from being a radio and television personality, Bob was also a licensed pilot and home contractor.

He was 81 years old.

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