Military veterans never claimed, laid to rest

SAN ANTONIO- The remains of 5 U.S. military veterans never claimed were given a proper burial Friday.

One Army veteran, one Navy veteran and three Air Force veterans all left unclaimed by loved ones in Amarillo.

"We started out with 92 names of the homeless and indigent cremains that were in the vaults, that were stored in the county courthouses and so I knew there were possibly a few veterans among them,” said Joel Carver with the Missing in America Project.

After discovering several were veterans, the Missing in America Project worked to find a way to make sure they were properly buried.

"Had no idea that we were going to get this type of response and outpouring of support and love and appreciation of our veterans, even those we don't know,” said Carver.

The remains of all 5 were brought to San Antonio from Amarillo yesterday, escorted by the Texas Patriot Guard. And Friday again the veteran's organization took them on their final ride to Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.

"We get to give them a proper burial with a name, there is no face to it, but there is a name and they will live forever in our hearts,” said Veteran Bob Johnson with the Texas Patriot Guard.

The late servicemen served in the Cold war, Korean war and Vietnam war periods. Bob Johnson who also served in Vietnam, says it's sad to know they never received a proper welcome home. He feels honored to see them get that final respect today

"Knowing I am giving them something they never had, that's why whenever I see a Vietnam Veteran I always say welcome home, because they didn't hear that very much,” said Johnson.

The Missing in America project has buried more than 3,000 remains of U.S. Military Veterans. It's proud project, giving our heroes a final goodbye.

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