Plumber saves East Side grandma after scary fall

Plumber saves East Side grandma after scary fall

What started out as a typical job for a plumber at an East Side home, ended in dramatic fashion last week.

“He could have turned a blind eye and walked out the door like nothing ever happened," Kristi Davis said.

She’s the 7th of 10 siblings who reached out to Fox San Antonio about her mother Mary Jones.

Davis said her mother Mary fainted and smashed face on a dresser in her bedroom.

She split open her lip, which required more than a dozen stitches.

The dangerous fall happened while she was trying to grab money to pay the plumber.

“He heard that,” the daughter said. “So he turned around and saw my mom on the floor. And he actually laid down on the floor with her."

Davis said a hero emerged.

"He went above and beyond,” she told Fox San Antonio’s Ryan Wolf. “Regardless of what his job was, he went above and beyond. And it tells me he has a heart."

The plumber not only rushed to her aid, he also contacted her family members and waited with her on the ground until help arrived.

“I'm anxious,” Davis told Wolf just minutes before the CASH FOR KINDNESS surprise at her mother’s home. “I just hope he's happy. Because I know he thinks he's coming for one thing and he's going to get something else.”

Wolf interrupted her and said with a smile “That's part of the CASH FOR KINDNESS surprise!”

He then put his hand in the air to give Davis a high-five.

“And we're glad there's people like you guys that help out people like that," Davis said.

Wolf worked with the family and Zeus Plumbing to arrange a fake job back at Jones’ home.

Thomas Swenson agreed to return for the work without knowing about the surprise.

"Hi Mr. Thomas,” Davis said when he walked in the living room. “I'm Kristi."

Her whole family was gathered around her, including other siblings, nieces and nephews.

Jones was not present because she had to be readmitted to the hospital. Her daughter spoke on behalf of the family and handed the plumber a greeting card with a gift card inside.

“We raised a little more than $100 for you to get something at Walmart," she told him.

It was a special way for them to show Swenson how much they appreciated him treating their mom-- like his own.

“You actually came back and laid on the floor,” Davis told him. “I don't know too many people who would do that. And my mom said you made her feel real comfortable. And for you to wait for my sister to get here, it means a lot to us. Can I give you a hug?”

Swenson said “sure” and the two embraced while everyone else in the room applauded.

The 58-year-old plumber looked a little uncomfortable. He explained how nothing like this has ever happened to him before. He’s been a dedicated plumber for 35 years. Here's what he remembered about the fall.

“It sounded like someone was pushing out the door when it slammed,” he explained. “You know it startled me. And then I thought, oh no, don't tell me she fell. Then I walked around the corner and she was sitting on the floor."

The 73-year-old former stroke patient spent 2 nights in a hospital after the initial fall. She had to return after complications arose. Swenson said he thought about his own mother’s health when he helped Jones.

“I don't want to lose my mom," he said while starting to cry.

His mother Pauline is 95. She’s bedridden. And in his own words “not doing well.”

Swenson’s been trying to save up to help pay for her continued care. That's where Fox San Antonio came into play.

“We reward selfless acts of kindness,” Wolf told the plumber. “And this family says what you did was above and beyond the call of duty. In my hand sir, is something on behalf of Fox San Antonio."

Wolf reached into his pocket and handed him a stack of $100 bills.

Swenson counted the money and stopped after he said “$1,000.”

He then paused and shared how he though he didn’t deserve it.

The Davis/Jones family couldn’t disagree more and walked over to acknowledge his kindness with a hug.

“Think about the world and what's happening,” a choked up Swenson said while clutching on to his money. “It's good to help."

Jones was released from the hospital 24 hours after the CASH FOR KINDNESS surprise.

Her loved ones said she’s doing much better.

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