Man accused of sexually assaulting foster child, fathering her 3 kids arrested

Authorities captured a man accused of sexually assaulting his foster child for more than 15 years, fathering the girl's three kids.

Eusebio Castillo Jr., 46, was arrested after a GoFundMe page asking for funds for his wife narrowed his location to San Juan.

The victim of his, now 25, came forward to police in July of 2014 saying Castillo repeatedly sexually assaulted her since she was 9-years-old and that she had fathered three children by him.

"(Castillo) threatened to kill their children if she told anyone about what was going on and stated he had poured gasoline around their house and on himself on multiple occasions telling her he was going to set fire to the house and burn himself if she told anyone," a court document said.

The victim also said Castillo attempted to hang himself once but that his wife found him and cut him down.

An affidavit says the victim was 17-years-old for the birth of her first child, but that the child was conceived at the age of 16,

DNA samples collected with the help of the San Juan Police Department helped identify Castillo as the father of the woman's three kids.

Castillo is charged with Prohibited Sexual Conduct, a felony.

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