Proposed David's Law to get vote in full Texas Senate

Families urge state lawmakers to pass David's Law

SAN ANTONIO - The proposed state bill that would require school districts to have a policy regarding cyberbullying and give law enforcement agencies the tools to unmask anonymous cyberbullies has passed out of a Texas Senate committee.

Senate Bill 179, also known as 'David's Law' - proposed by San Antonio lawmaker Jose Menendez - will now go to the full Senate for a vote.

Sen. Menendez released the following statement regarding the latest developments:

Yesterday was an important day for Texas students and victims of cyberbullying. Members of the State Affairs Committee made a thoughtful decision after hearing emotional testimony from families who lost a child. I want to thank the Senators of that committee for helping us advance this cause. David's Law is an important bill that prevents and combats cyberbullying. It focuses on measures that deter egregious behavior and offers consequences when the bully crosses a line. The Texas Legislature must stand up to bullies and pass Senate Bill 179.
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