Synthetic marijuana can be a killer

Synthetic Marijuana

The San Antonio Fire Department is warning users to beware of the potency of marijuana and synthetic marijuana on the street right now.

Fire Chief Charles Hood says there has been a recent increase in ambulance runs and at least one downtown hospital has seen a rise in the number of patients brought in after using a super-potent substance known as "Kush." Chief Hood says it is very dangerous and can cause life-threatening side effects. Some of those side effects include psychosis or "zombie trance", combative behavior, palpitations or fast heart beats, high blood pressure, stroke symptoms, seizures and death.

This stuff is called "Kush", "Climax", "K2" and "Spice" on the street. This is not THC, it is synthetic cannabinoids. Synthetic cannabinoids are designer drugs that are chemically different from the chemicals in cannabis but which are sold with claims that they give the effects.

Chief Hood explained the dangers on "Fox News Midday." He also discussed a new fire department on the city's south side to help fight wild land fires.

Watch the clip above to see his entire interview.

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