San Antonio runner qualifies for Boston Marathon


SAN ANTONIO-- Ramona Teter knows knows all about dedication. This month she celebrates 23 years as a USAA employee and commitment to running has earned her a spot at the 2017 Boston Marathon which is April 17th.

It is considered the oldest, continuous marathon in the world.

"It's really tough to get in. It took me 18 marathons before I qualified," she expressed.

Teter has several medals from past races, on a wall display. The medal are reminders of the blisters, aches, pains and joy from finishing 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons and full marathons of 26.2 miles.

"It's not something I always wanted to do. I was not a runner as a kid," she admits.

After her first big race, Teter felt it might be the last.

"Everything froze up and I could hardly walk for about three days."

She recovered and kept running.

Despite the 2013 bombing at the Boston Marathon finish line, safety concerns are not racing through her mind.

Three people died and many others were hurt in the terror attack. Since that time, security measures have been increased for the safety of runners and spectators.

"No I really don't. I feel like the safety concerns from the bombing a few years ago have been addressed and I feel it's going to be safer than it's ever been," Teter said.

Fear sticks in the minds of many people when you think of public events that draw large crowds.

Ramona Teter chooses to focus of training for the Boston Marathon. So what is her idea time for finishing the race?

"My attitude is that, I did what it took to get here. So I really don't have anything to prove to myself now. I just want to enjoy the experience."

When she reaches the finish line, her boyfriend, family and a childhood friend will be there to cheer and applaud her accomplishment.

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