SAPD officer: 'It's no wonder we hate citizens'

San Antonio Police Department (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

A San Antonio Police Officer was served with two separate suspensions totaling 46 days without pay on allegations he told a theft victim officers hated citizens and on an accusation he made personal visits to a woman's house while on duty.

Per suspension reports released to Sinclair Broadcast Group Wednesday, officer Grady Coleman agreed to a one day suspension without pay on April 14 stemming from an incident that happened Jan. 8.

The report states Coleman went out to a call for an alleged theft and told the caller that "he hates dealing with people who don't know the law," to which the person said "no wonder people hate cops." Coleman responded "it's no wonder we hate citizens." In addition to telling the theft victim police hate citizens, the report states Coleman's body camera was not active.

Almost two weeks later, Coleman worked out a deal with Police Chief William McManus to reduce an indefinite suspension he received in March to a 45 day suspension.

The indefinite suspension came from repeated violations of the police code's policy on on-duty activities, prompt response to all calls and mobile video recording (body cameras).

The report states on Oct. 6, 9 and 15 Coleman went to a woman's apartment while on duty, but was not on police related business. The document says that Coleman also failed to alert dispatchers when he'd finished on calls for service on the aforementioned dates.

On the 15th, Coleman is charged with going to the woman's apartment complex for a welfare check, then turning off his body camera when he arrived and returning to service two hours later.

Coleman, McManus and the San Antonio Police Officer's Association worked out a suspension and "Last Chance Agreement" for Coleman.

Coleman's suspension for these incidents began Wednesday and will end June 30.

Coleman's suspensions signed in the month of April can be read in full below:

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