Seguin residents bracing for Harvey, preparing for the worst

SBG San Antonio

SEGUIN, Texas -- Another city prepping right now for the major storm is Seguin.

We talked to residents who went through a similar storm 15 years ago. People living here tell me - they are scared, but definitely more prepared for this storm compared to the one from 1998. They say it all depends how high the water will get.

“For me, it's really, really hard, because this is my home, and I love it here,” said Nancy Mozisek.

Nancy is bracing for the worst. She is getting ready for another round of heavy rains and wind.

“The rain, I'm waiting to see how the rain is,” Nancy told us.

She is one of several living by the Guadalupe River. It’s an area known for danger once the water gets too high. Back in 1998, Seguin got the worst of it. A massive storm dumped more than 10 inches of rain, killing at least 25 people.

“When it started coming in on the deck, there were frogs jumping trying to get in the house,” recalled Nancy. “We decided it was time to leave.”

It flooded the entire area, forcing Nancy and others to seek shelter elsewhere.

“Kind of a funny story,” explained Nancy. “My husband's ex-wife lives close, and we went and we spent a couple of nights with her.”

Nancy says she's worried for her home.

“I really don't wanna see that again,” Nancy said.

But she is ready to take on what's ahead.

“Sometimes you just don't know until it starts happening, until the water rises. But being prepared and having a plan is the best you can,” Nancy told us.

People here say they are prepared to evacuate their homes. Seguin officials say that, if needed, Saegert Middle School will be open shelter for local evacuees.

For now, officials recommend registering for "The Regional Emergency Alert Center" to keep up with the latest.

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