State Representative pushes for stricter dog chaining laws

State Representative pushes for stricter dog chaining laws

San Antonio- A proposed bill in the Texas house would make it a crime to leave your dog chained up inhumanely.

Natalia Castano hates seeing dogs with recovering wounds on their neck.

“Walking through these shelters all you see is dogs with chain marks around their necks,” said Castano.

District 134 State Representative Sarah Davis filed house bill 1156 which would criminalize chaining dogs inhumanely.

Shannon Sims with Animal Care Services has seen a variety of cases where dogs were chained up incorrectly in San Antonio.

“We respond to those types of calls on a daily matter,” said Sims.

He says in a year; ACS receives close to 100,000 calls regarding dogs being chained up with only about 40 officers available to respond to them.

Sims knows how serious the problem is in San Antonio.

If the bill passes, he says ACS would become even busier.

“I can definitely see that it would cause a lot more calls coming in. The enforcement aspect would be difficult,” said Sims.

On Tuesday, the bill was left pending in the House Public Health Committee.

If it becomes a law, violators could be charged with a class c misdemeanor and fines up to $500.

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