Victim's mother: murder suspect grieved with family before arrest

Julian Martinez (seen in photo) is accused of killing Amanda Acosta in March of 2016 (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

SAN ANTONIO – Both sides rested Wednesday afternoon and began preparing closing arguments in the trial of a teenager accused of murdering a girl just days before her eighteenth birthday.

“I’m innocent as [expletive],” Julian “Juju” Martinez told us after being arrested in early 2016 for Amanda Acosta’s murder. “Thanks for your support. You know what I’m saying? Don’t be dumb.”

During testimony Wednesday, the case’s lead detective revealed why he believes Martinez pulled the trigger. Witness pictures showed earlier in the night, at Acosta’s birthday party, Martinez and another man fought over gang colors.

"What he's holding in his hand is the flag?" a prosecutor asks while displaying a photo.

"Yeah, the colors, the bandana,” the detective answered. "He actually took his bandana off that was tied around his neck. It was - he didn't believe he should have it."

After the party, police say Martinez followed a Jeep with Acosta and her friends inside then fired two shots, killing the girl just days before her eighteenth birthday.

Her mother Rose Nunez also testified. With a shaking voice, she described a plate sale fundraiser right after the murder. A photo taken that day shows Martinez grieving with the family and wearing a t-shirt in the teenager’s memory.

If convicted of murder, Martinez faces up to life in prison.


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