WATCH: Woman tries to run over Autozone workers during violent confrontation

Photo courtesy of SBG San Antonio viewer

SAN ANTONIO - Video of a violent encounter with between Autozone workers and a couple is going viral on social media after the clip was posted on Monday.

WATCH: Woman tries to run over Autozone workers during violent confrontation. WARNING: Video contains profanity and violence.

A Facebook post that accompanies the video only states that the encounter, described as a fight, happened at the store located on Southwest Military Drive.

The video shows three employees holding down a man wearing a Spurs shirt. At times, the employees seem to indicate they were assaulted by the suspect before the confrontation.

About a minute into the video, a woman driving a white compact car appears to drive toward the employees, but stops short of hitting anyone.

She repeats the maneuver several times on the video, but the employees continue to hold the suspect on the ground in front of the store.

She eventually drives away, leaving the man screaming on the ground. He also screams several times, claiming he's in pain and that his girlfriend is pregnant.

We reached out to the San Antonio Police Department and are awaiting more details of what led up to the incident.

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