Woman discovers bat colony inside her home

Woman discovers bat colony inside her home (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

When people think of bats, they usually think of them living in caves or under bridges. But a San Antonio woman says a bat colony is growing right under her roof.

They're the house guests that have stayed past their welcome.

"Usually, it's the attic,” said Fran Hutchins, Director of Bracken Cave Reserve. “It's a nice hot roost, so they'll gravitate towards those spaces."

But in this case, they weren't invited.

"I made it a point to come out, and I saw them," explained homeowner Lisa Marie Vargas.

What she saw was a swarm of bats coming out of her home.

"Mexican Free Tail bats in the area like manmade structures," Hutchins told us.

“I called around to get an estimate, and it was pretty expensive,” said Vargas. “So I thought ‘I'm going to see if they go away by themselves.’"

But the bats didn't go away. So she forked over the $525 and hired Texas Rodent Control to get rid of the unwanted houseguests.

"They were here two days in a row,” Vargas told us. “They went in my attic, through the interior, they put a net on the exterior. They came back the next day to check and then we thought they were gone."

Most people think bats are large when they see them flying, but it only takes a quarter size hole for a bat to enter through. Unfortunately for Vargas, the bats came back.

“I don't understand why of all of these beautiful homes, mine is the one the bats are attracted to," added Vargas.

So, of course, pest control is scheduled to come back. But they better hurry, because June is the time they start having babies.

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