Youth film contest focuses on cyberbullying

The Can't Beat Love SA Youth Film Contest is held in February.

SAN ANTONIO -- High school students across San Antonio are invited to weigh in on cyberbullying by entering a film festival.

It’s called the “Can’t Beat Love SA" youth film contest.

The local contest is organized each year by the National Council of Jewish Women.

“We felt the need to discuss topics that were important, relevant, timely and address those issues," said Ruth Wurzburg who is the president of the National Council of Jewish Women’s San Antonio chapter.

There's a different topic every year.

2017's theme is cyberbullying.

“Students are really representing what's happening in their communities, so the fact they're picking that is telling us that cyberbullying has really become more and more prevalent,” said Marcia Waldgeir who co-chairs the film festival.

The films will be judged in February, but the conversation doesn't end there.

The projects are shown in classrooms, churches, and even counseling sessions.

“These films were developed by their peers so it's not an adult saying look at this… This is what their peers are saying,” said Waldgeir. “If this can make any kind of impact then we want it to do so.”

Students have until January 20 to enter.

For more information, go here.

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