I-Team: Permanent makeup gone wrong

The NBC 10 I-Team was contacted by a Cranston woman who had permanent eyeliner applied to her eyelids -- and she hates the results. (WJAR)

CRANSTON, R.I. (WJAR) — Permanent makeup is making lives much easier.

Unfortunately, there can be some ugly consequences.

The WJAR10 I-Team was contacted by a Cranston woman who had permanent eyeliner applied to her eyelids -- and she hates the results.

She said the ink is bleeding and the colors are wrong. Since the makeup is permanent, she’s having an incredibly difficult time getting the tattoo ink removed from her eyelids.

“It was dripping, she called it bleeding, so it looked like I had smeared makeup on,” Jeannine Dias of Cranston said.

Dias said she's spent far too much time crying over a procedure that was supposed to make her life easier.

A few months ago, she decided to get permanent eyeliner applied to her eyelids for $251 at Perfect Nails in Cranston.

She said the results were far from perfect.

“I was very upset because this is my face,” Dias said.

She went on to say that the woman who applied the permanent eyeliner, Rosemary, gave her $100 back, but refused a full refund.

WJAR stopped by Perfect Nails to ask why. Rosemary wouldn't go on camera, but stuck by her no full refund policy.

She also told WJAR she's a tattoo artist who is licensed to apply permanent makeup in the state of Rhode Island.

“It wasn't applied properly, so it caused it to migrate all around the eye, giving the illusion that she had two black eyes,” said Natalie Ruano, who is the owner of Permenant Makeup and Beauty Lounge in Cranston.

Ruano is now fixing Rosemary's work. She said women like Dias are keeping her busy.

“I do a lot of botched work, on the eyebrows, on the eyes, on the lips - it is becoming the majority of my business,” said Ruano.

Ruano said Permenant Makeup has become a booming business, especially permanent eyebrow application.

Salons across the state are offering discount deals.

Ruano is concerned with how easy it was for many of these permanent makeup artists to get licensed in Rhode Island.

“You need to get educated, you need to do an apprenticeship, and you really need to follow through on making yourself a great artist before you work on anybody,” said Ruano. “Practice is the key, but not on clients.”

Ruano has completed two corrective procedures on Dias’s eyelids, and she still needs to do more.

Dias said she is happy her eyes are getting fixed, but she's concerned for other women.

“I don't think it's right that this woman is advertising permanent makeup and she obviously doesn't know what she's doing,” said Dias.

Ruano offered a few tips if you're considering permanent makeup:

Beware of discount deals. These permanent makeup artists typically have less experience, and they're probably using cheaper ink.

Ask for before and after pictures.

Don’t skip the consultation. It's important to make your expectations clear.

Make sure your permanent makeup artist has proof of training, a tattoo artists license, and good insurance.

The WJAR I-Team checked with the Rhode Island Department of Health, and they haven't taken any disciplinary action against Rosemary or Perfect Nails.

In fact, the Department of Health hasn’t taken any disciplinary action related to permanent makeup application, anywhere in the state, in the last five years.

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