Mother demands criminal charges for daycare worker who breastfed child

A woman who says a daycare worker breastfed her 3-month-old son wants the employee to face criminal charges.

Kaycee Oxendine's son is cared for at the Carrboro Early School in North Carolina. She says last week she told her son's teacher that he was suffering constipation. That's when the teacher made an unusual offer.

"She said that she had a son and did I want her to put my child to her breast and breastfeed?" Oxendine told media outlet WTVD. "And I said no, that's nasty. We don't do things like that."

Oxendine's refusal apparently did not deter the teacher, who was caught on surveillance footage later in the day, nursing the sick baby. Another teacher reported the worker's actions and she was reportedly fired.

But Oxendine's son, who is lactose-intolerant, ended up in a hospital Friday night. She wants the fired daycare worker to face charges.

"She did it with ease, like she does it on a normal basis," says Oxendine of the employee.

The incident was reported to North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services.

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