Mother shoots at newly purchased home after learning it would be demolished

A Detroit woman is facing charges for firing a shot at her newly purchased home after finding out it will be demolished. (Photo: CNN Facebook / Facebook / WXYZ)

(CNN Newsource) A frustrated mother is now facing criminal charges after she fired a shot at a home she had just purchased.

It was shortly after closing on the home that Andrea Sheppard, 28, shot at the home. The incident, which was posted on social media, shows Sheppard firing the gun while holding her baby on her hip and a 9-year-old son at her side.

Sheppard's frustration with the home happened she spent nearly $6,000 on the initial purchase, only to find out after the closing that the home was listed on Detroit's demolition list.

"I put everything, everything I have into this raggedy (expletive) house!" she screamed in the video.

The video went viral and she was arrested on a concealed weapon and firing recklessly charge.

Sheppard later told a local television station, "Deeply regret it, it was very irrational of me. In that time I felt like I was losing my livelihood, my children are my everything, I'm a wonderful mother but the world has painted me to be this horrible monster mom and that's not me."

Sheppard says she is now living separately from her children and will be back in court on December 15.

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