Prison worker sent home over Trump t-shirt

Worker sent home over Trump t-shirt (KCRA / CNN Newsource)

A prison hospital worker in California says his right to free speech was violated when he was sent home for wearing a Trump t-shirt.

Leo Sanchez works at the state prison hospital in Vacaville as a librarian. When he showed up to work this week wearing a red shirt that read "Trump is my president," he says his supervisor told him, 'You gotta leave. You gotta go home and change your shirt.'

Sanchez says other co-workers wore shirts supporting Clinton and weren't told to change.

The California agency that oversees the prison hospital told TV station KCRA that political shirts are not allowed in areas where employees are in direct contact with the public they serve, but Sanchez feels he was unfairly targeted because he supports President-elect Donald Trump.

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