What Americans fear the most

The top fears of Americans for 2016 are revealed in the Chapman University Survey on American Fears study.

What's scarier than clowns? A lot of things.

In fact, "fear of clowns" ranks #78 on a list of 79 fears in America.

Chapman University ranked the fears in its third annual Survey of American Fears published Tuesday.

For the second year in a row, fear of corrupt government officials ranks #1.

The rankings were compiled using a survey of 1,511 American adults, randomly selected from across the country, and asked to describe their level of fear of various topics. (crime, relationships, government, disasters, etc.)

The top 10 fears of 2016, according to the study, are as follows:

  1. Corrupt government officials
  2. Terrorist Attack
  3. Nothing having enough money for the future
  4. Terrorism
  5. Government restrictions on firearms and ammunition
  6. People I love dying
  7. Economic/financial collapse
  8. Identity theft
  9. People I love becoming seriously ill
  10. The Affordable Care Act/Obamacare

Researchers also took a deeper look at three topics: Islamophobia, how terrorism impacts daily lives and conspiracy theories. Of those surveyed, more than half believe the government is hiding things about 9/11.

Among the rank, the fear of credit card fraud, a random mass shooting, spiders and illegal immigration was larger than the fear of dying, racial/hate crimes and police brutality.

For a closer look at the study, click here.

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