On The Run: Thomas Fresco

OTR: Thomas Fresco

Thomas Fresco, 36, was charged with the sexual assault of a child after police said he drugged and assaulted a child numerous times.

The mother of the victim was able to report the alleged sexual assault to police after she saw a suspicious photo of the child on social media and after her child displayed symptoms of withdraws.

Now, authorities need your help finding Fresco.

"The mother became suspicious and questioned her daughter after she saw a photo on facebook of her daughter with a blue pill on her tongue," Deputy Chief Tammy Burr said. "The girl then admitted to her mother that Fresco had been giving her the pills and sexually assaulting her for more than 3 months after she would pass out, according to a police report.

Burr said that when police interviewed the girl, she was vomiting and told officers that Fresco had given her Xanax and Oxycodone.

"When asked how frequently she was given the pills, she stated that she was given five pills each night when she stayed at his home," Burr said.

The child also told authorities that she was afraid to tell anyone because Fresco is believed to be in a gang and feared that he may hurt her.

"Fresco has numerous tattoos including a large tattoo on his neck, and devils and skulls on both arms," Burr said. "He has a lengthy criminal history dating back to when he was a juvenile."

Fresco goes by the name "Crazy Boy" and Thomas Guevara.

Fresco is 5'10", and weighs approximately 225 pounds.

If you have any information on Fresco's whereabouts, you can call the Bexar County Sheriff's office at 210-335-6000.

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