San Antonio a good city for job seekers

San Antonio has a good mix for job seekers. Glassdoor says the city is the 20th best city in the nation for jobs. The firm says nearly 35,000 jobs are open in San Antonio right now. Those pay a median base salary of $55,000.,20.htm

March Madness at work

More companies are okay with, and even encouraging employees to participate in March Madness pools in the workplace. Baylor, Texas Couthern and SMU all got bids in the tournament. Office Team says while brackets were once frowned upon, they’ve become part of management’s effort to accept social media in the workplace and can contribute to camaraderie in the office. More than 25% of managers surveyed actually lead office sports activities.

Daylight saving time

Daylight saving time can cost money and lead to frustration. A study by JP Morgan Chase found that people spend slightly more after the spring time change, but considerably less after the fall change. Bloomberg finds that changing the time leads to more energy use, instead of less.

Veteran Lending

Lending to veteran’s hit a record high last year. The Chicago Tribune says 179 billion dollars was loaned through the Veteran’s Administration. That included either home purchases or refinancing a mortgage.

New smart jacket

Google and Levi’s have a new smart jacket. It’ll cost you $350. The jacket can control features of your smartphone, like starting or stopping music, answering the phone or reading text messages, as well as google services like maps and calendar. Learn more...

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