Sweden gives the world its digits

Sweden gets its own phone number and enlists random Swedes to take calls from around the world.

It's not easy getting a hold of someone on the phone. Answering services make you dial "1" for this, "2" for that, and four transfers in, the call is dropped.

So, it's kind of amazing that Sweden launched a phone number that connects anyone in the world with a "random Swede."

That's right! Sweden, the country sandwiched between Norway and Finland, wants anyone to call +46 771 793 336 and find out what it has to offer.

(Heads up! International calling fees apply.)

Calls are connected to "phone ambassadors" through a corresponding app.

Any topic is on the table. Meatballs, the Nobel Prize, IKEA - you name it - just ask, and callers can get an uncensored view of the first country to abolish censorship.

According to Digital Trends, The Swedish Tourism Board launched the phone number and campaign to celebrate the 250th anniversary of Sweden ending censorship.

Want a glimpse at the experience? Check out the promotional video below.

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