The growth of Kawhi Leonard offensively

The growth of Kawhi Leonard offensively story image
By Paul Garcia, Project

In the last three games of the NBA Finals, San Antonio Spurs forward Kawhi Leonard scored 71 combined points, as he helped lead the Spurs to the franchise’s 5th NBA Championship. After bouncing back from only scoring 18 combined points in the first two games of the Finals, Leonard was named the 2014 NBA Finals MVP.

With Leonard being in just his third year in the NBA and only 22 years old, you can see by the statistics, how much his offensive arsenal has evolved and expanded in just three seasons. Using the Synergy Sports database, I’ve charted Leonard’s five preferred scoring possessions from his rookie year, all the way to his third year. Each chart is broken down by scoring type of possession, percentage of time Leonard used the possession, how Leonard shot on the possessions, and his overall rank amongst all NBA players that season.

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