Former volleyball player sues Baylor, says she was gang raped by 8 football players

(Photo: MGN Online)

A former volleyball player for Baylor filed a lawsuit against the university on Tuesday, claiming Baylor failed to address a gang rape she endured.

On February 11, 2012, the plaintiff says she was gang raped by "at least four and, according to some reports, as many as eight, Baylor football players."

The lawsuit alleges the rape "occured during what has become known as the most violent and atrocious in school history."

According to the plaintiff, she was then harassed numerous times through 2013 by football players, and that same year was forced to take a class with two of the alleged rapists.

The lawsuit also claims that in April 2013, Baylor football players burglarized her apartment, allegedly stealing money and a necklace and throwing her belongings all over her room. The plaintiff says the burglarly was reported to Waco Police, but that no charges were pressed after police made the football players return her posessions.

The plaintiff, who transferred out of Baylor, claims the university was "deliberately indifferent" to sexual assault and harassment within the football program, and that the school had a policy of little or no discipline for football players and a policy of interference with female students' access to help.

The lawsuit seeks compensation for the victim and asks for Baylor to "rectify any and all Title IX violations," for the school's athletic department to "refrain from creating and condoning a hostile sexual harassment and/or discrimination environment against individuals on the basis of sex by immediately ceasing deliberate indifference to sexual assaults" and "cease interference with the disciplinary process in favor of students who were charged with sexual assault."

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