LOOK: Patty Mills goes 1-on-2 vs. bikini-clad models

Patty Mills (Via Instagram)

Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone

I wonder if Patty Mills took into consideration he is a free-agent this summer when he risked injury playing a little one-on-two against bikini-clad models in his home country of Australia.

To help promote his long-time girlfriend's swimsuit line - Strait Swim - Mills played some ball against some of the swimsuit's models.

Check out Mills getting some air to try to block a shot attempt by two of the models.

Such a "tough" job for Mills as he has to do for his girlfriend.

All jokes aside, the San Antonio Spurs do have the task at trying to re-sign the point guard in the offseason.

However, he might want to chill out on playing against bikini-models moving forward.

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