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Casey Keirnan joined Fox San Antonio as a sports reporter in August 2015 but his experience in San Antonio goes back as far as he can remember. Growing up in Houston, Casey's very first sports memories are of the epic games between those dominant Spurs and Rockets teams of the '90s. When the opportunity to cover the NBA, NFL and local sports in the Alamo City came up it not only felt like a dream come true but a chance to return home.

Casey came to the Hill Country by way of Bakersfield, California where he spent two years as Sports Director at the ABC affiliate. His favorite memories in Central California are of the feedback he received from the subjects of human-interest stories and their families. In Bakersfield Casey learned that people are at the heart of every story - even in sports.

Before Bakersfield Casey spent one year in Abilene, Texas learning the fundamentals of sports reporting.

Casey is married to his wife Kristin who he met attending California State University Long Beach while she was earning her degree at USC. Once Casey convinced Kristin to leave Los Angeles to join him in Abilene he knew he found the girl for him.

Casey has earned two Emmy awards for sports reporting and lives with his wife and their English Bulldog Vienna in northwest San Antonio.