'Changed Lives' begins with Esteban's own story

FOX San Antonio photo

SAN ANTONIO -- Esteban Solis' journey to become one of the newest faces on San Antonio television didn't follow a typical path. As a young man, a series of poor choices took his life off track...mistakes that eventually landed him in prison for nearly four years.

"When I saw my daughter for the first time again," said Solis, "and she didn't know who I was...that was like...worse than anything. I was like no more, ya se acabo, man up."

After working a series of odd jobs, Esteban found he had a gift for sales. Those skills opened an unexpected door...a meeting with a local television executive. "He cracked the door for me, he gave me that one little chance that no one would give me."

"Esteban is a unique young man, one we are very proud to have on our team," said John Seabers, General Manager of WOAI-TV and Sinclair Broadcast Group Manager. "You can't help but be inspired seeing him turn his life around, and witnessing the example he will be for other people facing similar struggles."

The hard lessons learned have made Esteban the man he is today, dedicated to his young family, and determined to find his way. By sharing his story on KABB's Daytime at Nine and WOAI's San Antonio Living, he hopes his turnaround will serve as an inspiration to others.

It will also be the first in a series of special reports, launching his new segment "Changed Lives". As a co-host and correspondent for Daytime at Nine and San Antonio Living, Solis will have the opportunity to highlight others who have come back from difficult beginnings.

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