Drink Local Wine Day with Helotes Creek Winery

Daytime @ Nine - Talkers

Colleen Miller, owner of Helotes Creek Winery, joins Kimberly and Esteban to talk about their seasonal wines they offer in the heart of Old Town Helotes. It's women versus men and science says women respond to generosity while men respond to selfishness. Could it be true that men are finding their 'bromances' more emotionally rewarding than their relationships with their significant others? When being popular is no longer something you care about, that's when you know you are truly an adult. When it comes to bad news, people are appreciative when you are honest, direct and to the point.

Helotes Creek Winery
14359 Old Bandera Road, #6, Helotes
Facebook Page : Helotes Creek Winery

Fiesta Jam on Lake Marble Falls
Friday - Sunday
Oct. 20 - 22
Jimmie Vaughan will be headlining

Messina Hof Winery
Special Edition Wine "Resilience"
Can be purchased online
100% of profits go to Harvey Relief

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