5 Benefits of a Variable-speed Air Handler

    5 benefits of a variable-speed air handler When homeowners upgrade their furnace orA/C systems, one of the most valuable features to consider is the{}variable-speed air handler. As opposed to standard air handlers that offer two speeds, on and off, the variable-speed unit runs at multiple speeds, delivering precise amounts of heating or cooling to match the homes load. In general, the variable-speed air handler runs at a continuously low speed, ensuring these five benefits for homeowners who use them. Even temperatures{}" Most homeowners are familiar with the high-speed blast of warm/cool air that single-speed units offer. In winter, this type of heating cycle often results in very hot blasts of air that quickly heat up a home, but it also results in a home that quickly cools down when the unit cycles off " producing the opposite effect in summer. Variable-speed units ensure that a consistent temperature is maintained throughout the home. Better indoor air quality{}" With continuously moving air through the{}furnace or A/C filter, indoor air quality improves. It makes sense that the more times the air in your home moves through the filter, the more particles and pollutants the filter will trap.Less noise{}" Most owners of single-speed air handlers are very familiar with the noise levels it creates. Pushing air out of the air handler at full speed is noisy, but the low, even delivery of air is quiet. You may not even notice your equipment is running. Efficiency{}" The continuous start-and-stop operation of standard air handlers consumes more energy, as well as increasing wear and tear. Variable-speed systems consume less energy, and discourage wear and tear. Humidity control{}" Operating a variable-speed air handler in the summer season encourages better control over humidity. With longer running cycles, the A/C can better manage humidity removal, producing a more comfortable home.Need more information about a variable-speed air handler? Contact{}Jon Wayne Heating & Air Conditioning, and find out how youll benefit " in summer and winter " from upgrading to this unique air-handling system. We serve San Antonio and the surrounding communities, including New Braunfels, Seguin, Bulverde and Boerne, with quality air conditioning and heating installations, repairs and maintenance. Our goal is to help educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).{} For more information about other HVAC topics, download our free{}Home Comfort Resource guide.{}

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