Local fertility specialist using new technology

Local fertility specialist using new technology (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

SAN ANTONIO -- Getting pregnant and having children is something many couples dream about.

But for thousands of couples in the U.S. fertility challenges keep that from happening.

In Vitro Fertilzation or I-V-F has helped many people realize their dream of having a family but not everyone can afford the hefty price tag.

However, there is now a new, more affordable option available right here in San Antonio.

It's called Invocell technology and instead of using a lab it uses the woman's own body.

And instead of it costing close to $20,000, about the amount you would have pay for IVF, Invocell will only cost you $7,000.

What you can't do with Invocell that you can do with IVF is screen for genetic problems and learn the embryos sex.

Dr. Francisco Arredondo and RMA of Texas here in San Antonio started using the fairly recently approved FDA technology just a few months ago and already 5 of their patients are pregnant.

To learn more about Invocell, click here.

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