San Antonio busboy gets unexpected help after slip and fall

A married couple from Poteet turned the tables on a busboy who nominated them for the $1,000 CASH FOR KINDNESS prize. (KABB)

SAN ANTONIO - It's any busboy's biggest fear.

"It was embarrassing," Nathan Cubillos, a busboy said.

Just a few days on the job, the 20-year-old hit the floor.

"I knew I was going to fall because I felt my feet kind of slip," he explained.

It happened last month near the kitchen inside a Southwest Side IHOP.

Cubillos fell on his backside with a tub-full of dirty dishes in his lap, when an elderly couple raced over to see if he was okay.

"They jumped right up,” he told Fox San Antonio’s Ryan Wolf. “Both of them. They didn't hesitate at all and they helped me."

"He asked me if I had the right shoes and I told him ‘no,’” Cubillos added. “He asked me 'why not?'"

What they didn't know was that the college freshman could barely afford his books—let alone the proper restaurant industry attire.

"I was more embarrassed that I didn't have the right shoes,” he added. “And having to say that I didn't have any money for shoes."

Cubillos planned to buy a pair after his first paycheck. But rather than having him wait to get paid, the couple shocked him with two more acts of kindness.

"They took me to 3 different stores to find the shoes," he told Wolf. "And she started to write me a check. I asked her what that was for. And she said it was for me and that I can use it for whatever I want."

That brings us to their CASH FOR KINDNESS surprise. Cubillos asked to meet with them outside a Dairy Queen in Poteet where they lived. He told them it was for a Christmas present. Wolf went with him for the surprise.

“Hello there!” Wolf said as they walked to Cubillos’ mother’s car. “Ryan Wolf from Fox San Antonio. How are you?”

“Oh my god!” the husband and wife duo said with a shocked look on their faces.

Wolf instructed Cubillos to share with them why they were here.

“I'm still really touched by what you all did for me,” he told the couple. “And I just want San Antonio to know that there's good people out there. You want out of your way to buy me shoes that I couldn't afford. And you gave me a little bit of money on the side. And I really appreciate what you all did. I'm always going to remember that and it'll be in my heart forever."

Guadalupe and Hortencia Martinez shared why they felt so compelled to reach out in such a special way.

"Another thing that caught our attention was that all he was doing was cleaning tables but he kept coming by every two minutes or so asking if we were fine or if we needed anything,” Guadalupe explained. “And all he was doing was cleaning tables. He wasn't our waiter."

“I guess because I saw what he was doing,” said his wife of 14 years. “You know working there at IHOP. I don't know. I got touched. I said I need to do something for him."

Wolf told them about their nomination on CASH FOR KINDNESS.

“Oh my God!" Hortencia said with tears in her eyes.

Wolf handed them a stack of money on behalf of Fox San Antonio.

“$800, $900, $1,000,” Guadalupe said while counting the money. “I don't know if anybody has ever done this before, but this is something that we do not need, so I'm going to pass it forward to him."

He immediately handed the award money to the struggling college student.

“It was supposed to be for y'all,” he told them while trying to give it back.

“It's your money,” they said. “We do not need it. You need it. You can use it to help with your education because I know you're doing something good."

Cubillos paused for a moment and sighed before saying “I really don't know what to say besides thank you."

They asked that Cubillos keep in touch with them.

He told them he’ll never forget them.

Click here to nominate someone for the $1,000 CASH FOR KINDNESS award.


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