Congressman Doggett: Tax breaks should 'focus on the middle class'

Congressman Lloyd Doggett (SBG San Antonio)

Congressman Lloyd Doggett made it clear he is not on the same page as President Trump and the Republicans when it comes to tax reform.

We spoke to Congressman Doggett Friday about his meeting with other members of Congress and President Trump on tax reform.

"I think we should not drown in more debt by borrowing more money from the Chinese and the Saudis to pay for tax breaks for those at the top,” Doggett said. “We ought to focus on the middle class.”

Doggett was in San Antonio to officially announce the U.S. Department of Education’s grant of $1.2 million for the San Antonio College’s Early Childhood Studies Center. The center is a laboratory within SAC's Early Childhood Studies Program and provides SAC students childcare for just $15 to $20 per week.

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