Congressman Will Hurd talks 'dreamers,' gun control, and NAFTA

Congressman Will Hurd Interview on October 11, 2017 (SBG San Antonio)

There's lots going on in Washington, and Congressman Will Hurd took a few minutes to explain his view on some of the issues.

We started out by asking the Congressman Hurd about Democratic advertisements that are painting him as a threat to his constituents' access to health care. Hurd told us, in part, he believes his constituents know he is working to increase access to and decrease costs of health care. He goes on to explain what he does and doesn't support.

We then asked Hurd about DACA and whether or not he agrees with Trump’s suggested trade options to allow 800K "dreamers" to stay legally in exchange for border wall, 10k more border agents, etc.? Congressman Hurd told us he believes we need to make sure the dreamers are able to stay and that the best solution is to solve it legislatively once and for all via bipartisan negotiation, so that the young people involved will know what their status is and can continue to contribute to our economy. history and culture. We then asked him what they thought the odds were something like this could get through Congress.

After the Las Vegas shooting, the gun debate is again front and center right in Washington and most of the country. So we asked Congressman Hurd where he stands on gun control. He told us he believes taking a looking at the bump stocks issue seems to have bipartisan support, but he also believes we need to look at what's motivating people to commit these shootings in order to prevent them in the future.

Hurd gave us an update on the digital wall/smart wall option he has proposed for the border as an alternative to Trump's brick and mortar wall. He then moved on to discuss 21st century cyber security and how we might prevent breaches like those at Equifax.

Finally, he explains where we are on NAFTA negotiations. He said all three negotiators from Canada, the U.S. and Mexico believe we can get come up with NAFTA 2.0 agreement that will allow for a win/win/win solution.

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