Florida Gov. Rick Scott running for Senate

    Florida Gov. Rick Scott running for Senate. (Gov. Rick Scott via MGN)

    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (WPEC) - Florida Gov. Rick Scott announced Monday that he will challenge the Sunshine State's senior senator, Democrat Bill Nelson, for his seat.

    Scott made the announcement on Facebook from Orlando and said he was urged by President Donald Trump to run for U.S. Senate.

    Voters elected Scott governor in 2010 but now he must leave office due to term limits. Monday he told supporters, "we can change Washington."

    The Scott-Nelson matchup will be one of the nation’s most costly and closely watched Senate races this year, as Republicans try to hold onto control of the House and Senate, against an energized Democratic base.

    WPEC caught up with Nelson last week about a challenge from the governor. He says it's a race he won't take lightly.

    "I always treat a challenger very seriously and I run like there’s no tomorrow,” Nelson said.

    The DNC released an announcement on Gov. Scott's run for Senate.

    Sadly, Rick Scott wants to continue advancing his own interests at the expense of Floridians. It’s clear that it wasn’t enough for him to profit from the Florida governorship during the last eight years while hard-working families were left behind. Instead of expanding opportunities to all Floridians, Scott presided over an economy where more than half the state is in recession, while he has grown his personal wealth by tens of millions of dollars and refused to follow through on his promise of expanding Medicaid for 800,000 residents of the Sunshine State.Democrats believe Florida deserves better than Rick Scott and we stand with Senator Nelson because of his proven leadership and commitment to Floridians. We will make sure that Scott, his cronies, and his many conflicts of interest don’t get anywhere near the U.S. Capitol.

    Scott previously won two close races for governor. He's also shown he is willing to spend tens of millions of dollars of his own money on campaigns.

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