Mayor reacts to graphic police video

Mayor reacts to video of scuffle with police

SAN ANTONIO- The mayor said she met with the city manager and police chief, to view the full body camera footage.

She would not speak with us on camera, but in a statement said she cannot release any information about what she saw, but says she is confident in the investigation taking place right now. We did speak with her about why she wanted to get involved in the situation.

The incident took place just over a week ago. The body camera footage is not being released to the public, because the girl involved is 14 years old. This is cell phone video taken the night it happened.

The attorney representing the young girl and her family says this all took place outside a Quinceanera party.

"You will see a 14-year-old girl in this tape that is being restrained by not only one officer, not only two officers, but several officers and at which point is being detained by,” said Civil Rights Attorney Artessia House.

Mayor Ivy Taylor says she felt immediate concern after seeing the initial video released on the internet.

"It was a minor involved and so without any greater context, I think the average person would certainly be very disturbed and concerned that it could be anyone's child,” said Mayor Ivy Taylor.

The teen was taken into custody by police that night and charged with assaulting a public servant. She was released soon after.

"No matter what is in that police report, it cannot contradict what the video shows and the video clear as day shows that this officer hits this child,” said House.

The officer involved has been placed on administrative duty and a full investigation is taking place.

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