WATCH: Councilman Alan Warrick asleep on bench outside City Hall

    Photo courtesy City of San Antonio

    Sinclair San Antonio obtained surveillance video of District 2 Councilman Alan Warrick passed out on a bench behind City Hall after he now admitted he "had too many drinks" early Friday morning.

    The grainy surveillance video fills in a piece of the puzzle to a night that Councilman Alan Warrick said he does not remember.

    “I think I probably just had too many drinks,” Warrick finally admitted.

    A security guard found Warrick passed out on the bench early Friday morning. After the incident, Warrick originally said he thought someone drugged him while he was out celebrating a friend's birthday at a downtown bar. He later recanted that statement after the owner of the bar reviewed surveillance video, which proved Warrick was not drugged.

    In surveillance video released by the City of San Antonio, it shows the councilman arrive at city hall shortly after 6 a.m. on Friday. Councilman Warrick walked into the frame from the right side of the screen. He sat down for a few seconds before lying down on his back with his feet folded on the bench. Twenty-one minutes passed before a City Hall security guard approached him.

    According to a police report, Warrick asked the security guard to let him inside City Hall. The video showed Warrick walk up the stairs and go inside of the building. He walked across the lobby and exited out of the opposite doors, according to the police report. The security guard also told police Warrick came from around the building to the original location and then requested to enter the building a second time, but the security guard said denied him access to the building.

    Warrick released a statement on Saturday apologizing to his wife, the people who live in District 2 and his opponent, Cruz Shaw.

    Early voting is currently underway and the election is June 10th.

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