Judge rules in favor of Sheriff Pamerleau in lawsuit filed by Sheriff-elect Salazar

Judge listens to arguments in Sheriff-Elect Salazar's lawsuit against Sheriff Pamerleau (Photo: Sinclair Broadcast Group)

A judge Friday ruled in favor of current Bexar County Sheriff Susan Pamerleau in a lawsuit filed by Sheriff-elect Javier Salazar, dissolving a Temporary Restraining Order blocking staffing changes in Pamerleau's final hours in office.

The judge issued the ruling after hearing arguments from both sides. Salazar's lawsuit alleged Pamerleau created new positions that are “unwarranted” and “mere attempts to protect her supporters.”

Those supporters are two chiefs, appointed by Pamerleau, who will likely be fired Jan. 1. Both have worked for the agency for decades.

Pamerleau's attorney argued that "There's nothing illegal about" demoting members of leadership team who came up through ranks."

Salazar's attorney countered by saying, "She is the first sheriff in Bexar County who has done this" demotion of chiefs.

"They go back to the position from which they are elevated," according to employment agreement," Pamerleau's attorney told the court.

The judge then asked, "Is it going to cause problems with the sheriff's office with legal consequences once he takes office?"

Sheriff' Pamerleau then testified, saying one of the chiefs had served for 18 years and the other 23 years.

The judge then listened to testimony from a Bexar County Sheriff's Office human resources employee before issuing her ruling.


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