State Rep Race - District 120: Barbara Gervin-Hawkins

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins is running for State Representative in District 120.

SAN ANTONIO - There are six candidates running for District 120 to replace Ruth Jones McClendon, who held the seat for 19 years.

Barbara Gervin-Hawkins believes she is the one for the job.

"I'm the best candidate because I've over the last 30 years, I've been a businesswoman," said Gervin-Hawkins. "Over 20 years, I've been a certified educator, and I've worked in many areas that the state has jurisdiction over."

Gervin-Hawkins says if she's elected, she'll push for free tuition for community and junior colleges, for continued state funding for Medicaid programs, and will work with local law enforcement to decrease escalating crime on the East Side.

"I don't want San Antonio to become one of the largest cities in America and have a crime issue," Gervin-Hawkins told us. "I know through my leadership, we can prevent that. We will bring the services as well as the values back and improve our community in a way that no one has ever seen before."

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